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     Club "Atletika" - public organization, officially recorded in 1991. But as club by interests, we worked in consisting of physical culture collective of factory "Rigaselmash" since 1975.

     Club develops non-sport physical culture. What is it? As we see it non-sport physical culture is like nonalcoholic wine. At that sport relative to physical culture we consider the same as drunkenness and cauterized alcohol taking.

     In 1988 our experience of reorientation of the sport occupation competition-entertainment to physically cauterized healthy-prophylactic was worthily of the silver medal of the USSR National Economy Fair and recommended to all-union spreading.      In 1993 Club became the initiator and coordinator of the informal organization "International Russian physical culture club".

     But as since recently spot, as many other vicious events intentionally developed, physical culture, as many other healthy activity lines, consciously destructed, that now club "Atletika" stays one of the few, that saved physically cauterized traditions and healthy-prophylactic orientation of training.

     Leaving each person possibility to decide why, how and where to train, we try to obtain the realization of all club members responsibility for their health and health of their children, of necessary of exercises of physical trainings, games and combats not as olympic credo "the main is participation", but only with the main principle of public health "do not harm!" by harmonious combination physical, moral and intellectual health components.
  • Basic club contingent - adults. Children visit trainings only with their parents.
  • To practical trainings in club are admitted persons, who have sufficient level of physical conditions, intellectual, emotional and moral development, who are observing club traditions and rules.
  • Trainings are hold in the gym by individual programs.
  • Programs presume conditional training and correction of figure with use of elements of mechanotherapy, aerobic, athletic, combats and other kinds.
  • Choose of training assets and methods determinate individually, taking into account features of each person.
  • Attainment of the heist sport mastery, records and particular speciality is not encouraged, but participation in competitions with observing all norms of safety and ethics is permissible.
Club "Atletika" - infomercial organization, which is current only at the expense of its members.

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